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When In Doubt…Go Natural

Questions about health are endless. There’s no limit to how far down the rabbit hole we can go. In fact, the more questions we ask, the more seem to surface. For example, when we start looking at cells at a microscopic level, we can see all the different pieces that make up a cell, the membrane, mitochondria, nucleus, etc.

If we go even deeper, we can see the atoms that make up each cell and its parts. Then if we travel even further we get to the sub-atomic level and the neutrons and protons. Deeper still, is the electronic level where we find all the elements that make up an electron, like up-quarks, down-quarks, neutrinos, etc.

At one point in time, nothing more than the cell was thought to exist. But the more we looked and asked questions, the more the curtain was pulled off and exposed what was truly beneath everything. The reason we bring this up is that the questions we started with evolved into hundreds more due to the discoveries.

Fast forward to present day…although we’ve answered many questions, there are millions more we’ve created as part of our inquiries. This sort of process is critical to understand when it comes to health. Because with lots of questions and very little that we’re 100% certain of, due to all the constant research, it’s difficult to decide where to put your faith or belief. We’re going to try to make that a little easier today.

When in doubt, our solution is to choose natural over the un-natural, or man-made.

This can go for just about anything related to our health. Breast milk or formula, organic or GMO, lifestyle changes or medication, go for a walk or sit in a chair, etc. Does that mean it always holds true? There will always be a time and place for man-made creations like medication.

For example, in a time of emergency to temporarily stop internal bleeding or to numb a broken leg, etc. But our bodies were created and evolved for hundreds of thousands of years with nothing but the natural world.

As long as we have a framework to work off it will make future decision making easier.

From now on try to go the more natural route, if available and plausible. You will be happy you did.

Live Your Most Jubilant Life!

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