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Who We Serve

We recognize that we will not be a fit for everyone; however, we do know exactly who our treatment is right for!


Scoliosis, Spinal Degeneration, Nerve Issues, Biomechanical Issues, Pain Issues, Disc Degeneration


Personal Responsibility - we do our part & our patients do theirs. We get there together!

Positive - no joy suckers please, better healing happens in a positive environment than a negative one!

While we love all people, the following are not good fits for our treatment model or service culture: Personal Injury cases, Pregnancy, Infants, those unwilling to do thier part to get better

How We Serve

We tailor Corrective treatment specifically to each patient. The following are examples of what may be included in a treatment plan: 

Curve correction

Neuromuscular reeducation




Soft tissue therapy

Strengthening exercises

Biomechanical therapy

ScoliSmart Activity Suit

Balance/Coordination therapy

Durable Medical Equipment


After treatment is completed, some patients choose to remain for some form of Maintenance treatment depending on their life-style needs. All Maintenance patients have undergone Corrective treatment before moving to Maintenance. 

First Visit Expectations

Becoming an established patient occurs over two visits.

1st Visit: 

Forms, driver's license &

insurance card* 

History, examination, x-rays*

Allow 45-60 min for this.

2nd Visit:

Reviewing x-rays & recommendations with the doctor. Treatment plan/cost reviewed*,  scheduling with the team.

Your first treatment!*

Allow 45-60 min for this.

All the Rest:

Treatments are short. We honor your time by keeping them short & sweet and by giving you all homework pieces to do at home (not in the office). Allow 5-10min for each session.

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