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Jubilee Family Chiropractic wants to help serve you the best we can and beyond that.

*NEW* TeleConsult & TeleHealth Options

Working from Home

TeleConsult: Ideal for busy new Practice Members or those who must take physical distancing very seriously. This allows them to be assessed in their own space virtually.

TeleHealth: Now our current Practice Members have access to one of our doctors after a flare up, even if they can't come into the office! Call the office to let the team know and a doctor will call you back on the same day!

How Can We Serve You?

Family Chiropractor
Principled Chiropractic torque release technique

Go through our step by step explanation to find out exactly what to expect when you come to the office for the first time. We never want to guess at your health.

How we give back:

Educational programs for your workplace, school, church, and other organizations.


Fundraising Opportunities

Donations through Consumption

Our Employee Health Initiative

Find forms and check lists for

your visit here:

New Practice Member Forms

Vendor Application Form

Fundraiser Request

Auto Accident Checklist

Auto Accident Forms

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