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To ensure we are the right fit for you,
we've added the most frequently asked questions below. 
Do you accept walk in's? No, not unless you're an established patient.
Why use x-ray? We specialize in corrective work. To see is to know; to not is to guess... We never guess when it comes to our patient's health. There have been very rare cases where we accept old spinal imaging due to a history of high radiation (such as cancer treatment) where the patient has reached radiation limits
Do you work with my insurance? Short answer: Yes, we help you in that process... Not everything we do in the office is covered by insurance. On your first day, we ask that you bring your insurance card so that we can do a benefits check on your behalf. We help our patients utilize their insurance to the best possible levels! Corrective care tends to be the most cost heavy so we put our own discounts on as well! 
How long does Corrective work take? Every person is different, every case is different. Some need very little work to make a big change and some need a lot. Making spinal changes is a lot like getting braces... Sometimes, they are needed for years and sometimes only months. One tip to shortening your treatment time is to work hard at any homework we give you! It really makes a HUGE difference in what we see when it's time to update your x-rays and see the change!

I've had surgery OR my doctor has said I need to be careful with my spine. Can I undergo treatment? Yes, certain aspects of your care will be tailored to your spine's history. After surgery or previous spine trauma, it is crucial to keep the areas above and below healthy. While we do have spine surgeons, orthopedist, and neurologists who refer patients to our clinic often, there are unfortunately many more who aren't even aware that spine care is possible and ideal for patients.
Will I begin treatment at my first appointment? Not at the very first one. The first appointment is were we collect all the data needed to determine your best course of treatment. The second appointment is where we review your recommendations, financials for care, and begin treatment. Usually, these first two appointments take place on different days; however, there are times we can accommodate these in the same day. If this is needed due to traveling distance or very limited availability, please let us know when you make the first appointment.

Do you have anything else I can read? This LINK is to all of our Non-Discriminatory
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