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Jubilee Patient Testimonials


Kyle T. - culture

Absolutely LOVE everything this office has to offer. The team is amazing with a genuine desire to see their entire community flourish with and abundance of true health. I highly recommend them to everyone!


Lauren S. - headaches

Before undergoing corrective work, I tried everything for my headaches. Tylenol, steroid shots, prescriptions, ice, sleep, and a nerve block. Nothing helped! Then I saw my spinal pictures of my neck, and it was reversed! No wonder I had headaches! Now I have been headache free and medication free for months. 


Naleymi T. - answers

I learned so much about what was going on with my body and got better answers in 1 visit than the last 15 years. Thank you for taking such good care of me and my family. We thank you and love you so much!!


Bill - grandma

My grandmother began seeing Jubilee for Corrective work. I was skeptical and thinking "She's 75! How much correction is even possible?!" When I saw her before and after x-rays, I was floored. My wife and I have begun treatment because of what we've seen with her. We want to protect our health, greatest asset, and stay active longer than my Nana!


Anthony - sports injury

It all made so much sense! After years of re-injury in golf and basketball, I finally got to see and understand why. I've had orthopedist tell me there was nothing that could help long term except surgery once my joints wore down more.. To wait till it got bad enough, then have a surgery. After starting Corrective care, my joints were more stable, less pain, less sprains/strains. I look forward to being surgery free for many years to come. Thanks Jubilee!


Albany - anxiety/sleep

Love everyone in the office!!!! I was at the beach when I first saw their Facebook Ad and I tagged my mother right away. I have an anxiety disorder, migraines, and back pain to the point where I could not get a good night of rest. All of this going on for most of my life, and as I started my treatments, everything started getting better. Most days I have little to no pain at all, the number of migraines have decreased tremendously, and I have way better sleep! 100% recommend Jubilee for Chiropractic Care!


Michelle - relief

I’ve been getting treatment for almost a month and have never felt better but my real testimony comes from my son. He has never really slept through the night and always fusses for hours. After an adjustment, he slept through the night and this tired mamma couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend this amazing team. I bring my son to all my appointments and they are so fantastic at helping me out with him while I’m on the table.


Anne - migraines

At first I wasn’t sure about driving from Madison to Forest Lakes a couple times a week. Boy, am I glad that I did. When I first started coming, I had migraines just about every other day. Since starting care, I have not had one migraine. I never realized how much medicine I was taking and how debilitating that they were. I also had back pain that eased up tremendously. I know that when I’m finished, that will be gone too. I’m very thankful for the care and love that I get at Jubilee.


James B. - family

The whole staff has been incredible to work with. The evaluation was thorough and the explanation of the treatment, expectations and clear treatment plan has been perfect for our family.


Samantha - service

A wonderful family with a wonderful mission! Amazing customer service and care! We are so lucky to have the best chiropractic office and team here in Charlottesville!


Brian - a different way

Beautiful Charlottesville office and staff. I love the friendly up-beat atmosphere of the place. I was impressed they take a different approach that I didn't know was possible.


Janice H. - caring

Great, friendly, competent staff. Genuinely caring treatment.


Carrie - scoliosis

I have never felt better, for months I was in pain and it hurt to move due to my scoliosis. Came in for an evaluation and now I’m feeling so much better. All the staff is very welcoming and friendly. I would recommend this to anyone. Don’t let a commute stop you from visiting this office. I live in Esmont and I make the trip.

Deborah B.


Deb - long term results

Deb has been under care in the office since 2017. Under corrective care healing some long standing degeneration, her primary doctor told her she actually got taller! She's had amazing spinal change seen in her before and after x-rays. Now she is a lifestyle patient who is part of The Jubilee Family.


Ryan M. - different

Such a solid community feel with this office! From the education, to the technology and terrific service, I highly recommend this office to anyone looking for REAL results with their spine and nervous system needs!! The experience is truly different than other offices I’ve been to!!



This team is truly a joy to work with on your journey to great health! There is always a happy, upbeat vibe in the office. The staff are great teachers who helps you understand the process and know what to expect. You will not regret joining the great community as a patient for Corrective care, then staying as part of the family for Maintenance care!

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