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Shoulder Pain

Do you suffer from shoulder pain? Make sure you check for this…

Do you suffer from shoulder pain?

What do you think is causing it? Could it be muscle, soft tissue, arthritis, or dislocation?

Does it affect the way you go about your daily routine? Does it make it difficult for you to lift your arm up to grab things from the cupboard?

Are you able to play basketball or lift weights like you used to?

The shoulder complex is exactly that…very complex!

There’s a lot going on in the shoulder, and a lot of variables that could be contributing to the pain and discomfort.

However, we find there’s one variable that is often overlooked when it comes to causing shoulder pain.

The most commonly overlooked issue is a subluxation in the cervical spine or neck. The reason a subluxation in the neck could cause pain or discomfort in the shoulder is because of how connected both areas of the body are.

In order to move your shoulder, you must contract the muscle that is attached not only to your shoulder but also to your neck.

Therefore, if there’s a problem in your neck, then that problem will typically affect your shoulder and vice versa.

When someone first sees a chiropractor, it’s important to check the alignment of the neck in order to assess whether that could be causing problems in the neck or in another area, such as the shoulder complex.

Chiropractic is full of case studies that have shown and documented improvement in shoulder issues after having the cervical spine adjusted and cared for properly.

The purpose of this post is not to say that all shoulder problems are due to subluxation in the neck, because that is simply not true.

However, a subluxation in the neck can and often does cause problems elsewhere in the body, specifically in the shoulder.

If you or a friend is suffering from frozen shoulder, or some sort of shoulder difficulty, understand that your neck and spine could be playing a huge role in the problem.

Live Your Most Jubilant Life!

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