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Season’s Greetings

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Regardless of your religious affiliation or beliefs, we can all agree that the holidays are for family and friends. It’s the only time of the year dedicated to being with those we love.

However, this isn’t always the common mindset of Americans. Many people instead get lost in the pageantry of Christmas, which includes all the decorations and gifts that are bought in order to make this Christmas the best Christmas! This isn’t usually the most ideal approach, as it usually leads to increased amounts of stress, fatigue, sickness, and wishing the holiday season to end.

America is the land of plenty. Because of that, we have the opportunity and abilities to purchase items that most people in the world would never dream of having. However, because we have such spoils, we tend to not be as satisfied with our belongings in life. After all, material items never bring true happiness and so the search for more never