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Lost in Service

The word service gets thrown around a lot these days and can be used for anything from playing sports all the way to handing out cups of soup to the poor on a Saturday. To be clear, when we talk about “service”, we mean helping those who are in need, or less fortunate than you. Mother Theresa and Gandhi portrayed this very well throughout their lives. By serving out of a sense of abundance, they changed tens of thousands of lives.

We should all be striving to do the exact same thing in our daily lives. When you look around you often see that people get stuck in the rat race trying to make as much money as they can, so they can enjoy their lives. Unfortunately, happiness doesn’t come from money. It comes from fulfillment. One of the quickest ways to fulfill is to engage in activities to give back to others. Service not only brings fulfillment and happiness, but it also brings more of what you put out. Your energy and your compassion always come back around to you.

So, get into the mode of service. Give more. Love more. Serve more.

Live Your Most Jubilant Life!

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