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Is Pain Bad?

There is a big school of thought when it comes to what drives people. The theory is that we are either moving towards what we want or moving away from the pain/what we don’t want. At Jubilee Family, we tend to agree with this idea.

The same thing goes for when our body is feeling pain. Pain is an uncomfortable signal that the brain picks up from somewhere in the body. It could be coming from something like our ankle, shoulder, or stomach. Our initial reaction is usually to shut off the signal as quickly as possible, at all costs. We take medications, drugs, utilize surgeries, all just to avoid the awful feeling of pain.

However, is pain really that bad and something to be avoided?

The purpose of pain is not bad. In fact, it’s extremely helpful for those people who choose to pay attention to it and not shut off the signal. The reason it’s so beneficial for us is that it lets us know an area of the body is hurt and needs time and/or assistance to heal.

Therefore, pain should never be avoided.

In fact, if the signal continues longer and we avoid it, then the problem tends to become worse.

Instead of thinking of pain as a horrible thing, start recognizing it for the benefits it brings. Begin listening to your body and its painful areas.

Work to resolve the pain through eating well, exercise, and chiropractic adjustments.

Live Your Most Jubilant Life

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