Planting crops is very similar to planting good thoughts in our minds. Positive thoughts are the key to a healthy body. Negative thoughts lead to and create a stress response, which breaks and tears down our bodies.

We can’t simply think of positive thought and expect our lives to change, however. Instead, it takes time, and requires more positive thinking or nurturing. Without the time and effort put into growing the positive thoughts, we won’t see it manifest in our bodies as good health. Instead, we will simply go around in circles, thinking a few positive thoughts and starting to produce a healthy mind, only to ruin any growth and head back in the negative direction.

Farming and growing crops is no different than producing health in our bodies. We can learn a lot from watching farmers and the tenderness and care it requires to produce healthy plants. We simply need to exercise the same amount love with our own mind and bodies. Be kind to yourselves and get started on a better you!

Live Your Most Jubilant Life!


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