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Diabetes Awareness Month

If you weren’t aware, November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Due to the theme of the month, we’re going to focus this post on the epidemic that has overtaken North America.

Diabetes Type I is a congenital disease that a very small percentage of the population suffers from. Type II is a lifestyle disease that the majority of diabetes sufferers deal with.

Diabetes Type II happens because of blood sugar problems, due to our diet. Most people who suffer from this issue consume entirely too much sugar and processed food. Diabetes doesn’t necessarily kill you, however, it does make your life a living hell after you get it.

Therefore it has been termed a ‘disabler’. The most common disablers in N. America are diabetes and stroke.

Although Diabetes Type II is a specific disease due to blood sugar issues, it isn’t the only one that can be caused by too much sugar in our bodies. Alzheimer’s is now being called Type III Diabetes due to its link with blood sugar issues. In fact, someone who suffers from Diabetes Type II has a much higher rate of suffering from Alzheimer’s later on in life.