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What’s the greatest gift?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Christmas is past, but it’s never too late to start looking towards next year, right?

What’s the best gift in the world?

What would you enjoy more than anything else?

Maybe a new house, car, diamond ring?

Don’t worry about the price, dream big!

Now, imagine your sitting in that new mansion in the hills that you just received as a gift, enjoying a beautiful sunny day by the pool. But, also picture this. You’ve just received a phone call from your doctor. After a routine physical the other day, he has some bad news.

You’ve been diagnosed with some sort of incurable disease. Your prognosis is 4-months to live. This is someone’s worst nightmare, but there’s an important lesson to be understood…

Any gift we receive, from money to cars, clothes to new friends and family members…none of these gifts is as great as the gift of health we can give ourselves. Because let’s face it if you don’t have your health you have NOTHING!

The majority of people in America go through their lives rarely paying attention to their body or their health. Unless something is seriously wrong. The problem with this type of thinking is by the time you ‘feel’ something is wrong it has oftentimes been there for quite some time previous to you becoming aware.

Being healthy is a full-time job and requires the diligent pursuit of new information. But what’s the alternative? A life of misery, regret, and ultimately, loss.

So, for this upcoming Christmas, give yourself the gift that keeps on giving. Create health in your body.

Start today. Get into action.

Live Your Most Jubilant Life!

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