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Celebrating Our Independence

America…the land of the free.

That statement might not mean as much as it used to do to how the world has changed in the past 50-years. However, we still live in one of the greatest societies the world has ever known. We still have opportunities everywhere. You only have to look. If you set your sights elsewhere, to most other countries, you will see corruption and violence that disrupt any chance for a better life.

Hands For Life was created to bring chiropractic care to those who need it most. We’ve chosen to serve, out of our abundance, the people and communities around the world who need it most.

Everyone deserves to know and benefit from a clear and functioning nervous system, regardless of money. In Tijuana, there are thousands of orphans displaced by poverty, drugs, and violence. They deserve to have health care just like every other child. Many of those same orphans turn into drug addicts due to an absence of human connection. With our care, we aim to help those who need it most. Those who have been disconnected, hurt and pushed down. By restoring proper nerve flow to the body, there’s a better function and overall health.

This allows people to live their lives more productively, without as much discomfort and/or symptoms. We believe the more people under regular chiropractic care, the healthier and stronger the community will be.

Live Your Most Jubilant Life!

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