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Are Your Headaches the Problem

Let me start by first saying headaches are a very common issue. That being said, they aren’t normal. What I mean is many people suffer from headaches rather frequently. However, our bodies weren’t designed to have headaches. They were designed to function normally without pain. Therefore, whenever a headache is present, it hints at a larger problem.

Headaches are symptoms of the problem. They’re the tip of the iceberg. What we don’t see is the root cause of the symptom. That’s usually operating somewhere out of plain sight.

Headaches are typically never the main issue. In fact, they are commonly the result of a neck problem. That doesn’t always have to be the case, as there can be rare cases, such as a brain aneurysm. But for the extreme majority, a neck issue will precede any type of headache.

So, if headaches aren’t the problem and the neck is, how do you improve your situation?

Well, step one is to confirm the neck is in fact the cause of the headaches. You can do that by having an x-ray series taken of your neck. This will show the alignment and curvature of the spine. If there’s any structural damage in your neck, then chances are likely it’s contributing to the headaches. Another way to do this is to have a chiropractor examine your spine and check for any signs that your neck may be causing your pain.

Whatever you decide to do about your headaches it’s important to realize they are just the surface level and the problem usually lies much deeper. To find the true source or cause you to need to continue following the river farther up-stream. Once you find the origin of the issue you can correct it for good!

Live Your Most Jubilant Life!

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