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Sympathetic Dominance: Part 2

In last week’s post, we discussed stress and the role it plays in our health. We also talked about how stress is cumulative and builds on itself over time.


Therefore, if we’re not doing anything to eliminate or reduce the stress, it will continue to worsen over time. This is the process that leads to Sympathetic Dominance.


Many symptoms can be caused by an overload of stress. Most people wouldn’t even consider them to be related, however, the truth is these symptoms have a lot more in common than we would initially believe.


For example, symptoms like constipation, diarrhea, ADHD, eczema, hypothyroid, etc., can oftentimes be related and traced back to stress.


How do we get rid of the excess stress?


First, we need to take note of the environment we’re living in.


Is it allowing us freedom, creativity, balance? Or, is it toxic?


Are we eating junk two out of three meals?


Are we missing out on exercise routinely?


Is our home life relaxed or are we on edge?


Nutrition is vital in cases of sympathetic dominance because usually, cholesterol in the body is very low. Cholesterol is an important nutrient the body uses to make a large number of critical hormones.


If the cholesterol is low, our bodies can suffer from sympathetic dominance.


If we’re missing exercise routinely, we increase stress in our bodies. Eighty percent of the brain’s energy goes toward toning down the rest of the nervous system.


However, when we’re not exercising, the brain doesn’t have the available resources to do that, so, it becomes wound-up leading to a breakdown in other areas of the body.


The same can happen if we’re experiencing negative emotions from home life, work-life, or some other situation.


The emotions will tax and strain the brain and nervous system. Eating up the prized nutrient cholesterol until there’s none left.


This leads us down the path into sympathetic dominance and the symptoms accompanying it.


Why would we be discussing sympathetic dominance on a page largely devoted to the benefits of chiropractic care?


Well, chiropractic adjustments are extremely valuable in these situations.


They help calm down the brain and nervous system. Releasing some of the stress in the body which can help important areas of the

body, like the adrenal glands to recover and work better.


The benefits of chiropractic adjustments continue to mount.


Stay adjusted friends.

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