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The Bigger Picture

We all experience rhythms.


They’re a natural part of the balance in this world.


After all…without the rain, we’d have no rainbows. Without sadness, we’d have no such thing as happiness.


It’s easy to look around our world today and see chaos. To some, it may seem that there’s more now than ever before. This may be true.


Or, it may be due to the role the media plays in our perception of reality. Regardless, there is no shortage of negativity. On the flip side, there is no shortage of positivity either.


In America, we still to this day have lived very fortunate lives. The opportunities are abundant here, and there is still the chance to make something of yourself.


If we look around the globe, that isn’t necessarily the case. There are many countries where advancement is extremely difficult, or downright impossible.


In these places they don’t worry about having enough money for Starbucks, they worry about when their next gulp of water will be.

After a downturn, or negative cycle, it’s typical of us to sit in our protected homes and nice offices and wonder why our world is so horrible, or if we’ll have enough money to purchase a new car next year.


Instead of pondering the negative, maybe we should compare. Compare with the other countries of the world. The less fortunate, and the so-called “industrialized” ones.


It’s one thing to see our lives in the tiny bubble we habitat most days. However, it would benefit us to look outside and see what everyone else has to deal with on a daily basis.


This is a main reason Hands For Life was started. We looked outside our tiny world and saw how the rest of the world lives.


The poverty, destruction, and suffering is much worse everywhere else outside America. As chiropractors, our gift to give is a clear, healthy nervous system. This allows our bodies to function at their best and have the greatest chance of survival.


Most people outside of this great country have no chance to receive this kind of health care. Instead, they are passed over and left to fend for themselves.


By bringing chiropractic care to those less fortunate and without access, we’re putting an end to that.


Keep your eyes wide open, and stay healthy friends.

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