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Family Allergies

Chiropractic Care for Allergies

Phagan Family Testimonial


Penny and her son came to Chiropractic because of severe allergies. They had both been seeing an allergist and taking several allergy medications and nose sprays. Penny felt like the allergy medications seemed to help with the symptoms, but they never eliminated the actual problem. Even though she wasn’t sure that chiropractic care could help, she felt like they had tried all of the other options.  Scientific Chiropractic adjustments helped Penny and her son eliminate Nasonex and other nose sprays completely, and reduced the use of their other allergy medications drastically. She eventually referred her husband, Mark to the office, and routine chiropractic adjustments have helped him eliminate neck pain from his life. Penny has also noticed that chiropractic care has reduced the need for antibiotics in her family.

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