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Abundance or Scarcity


People differ in how they view the world and what happens to them. There are two main perspectives people choose to operate from abundance or scarcity.


Abundance is a mindset where there’s no shortage in the world. People with this perspective often think there will always be enough money to go around(Fact: if you were to divide all the money up between every human in the world, everyone would be a millionaire).


There will always be enough food. There will always be enough love, laughter, and happiness.


A scarcity viewpoint is an opposite. These people usually think there isn’t enough money, so I need to hoard what I have. There isn’t enough food so I need to grab it all while I can.


Resources are a finite amount, and if I don’t get what I can now, I risk not being able to survive.


Both perspectives warrant consideration and could be found to be true. At Hands For Life, we choose to operate out of a sense of abundance.


Without this viewpoint, we would not be able to give of our time, energy, and resources the way we need to in order to help the people we have sought out to help.


We want to know, which perspective do you operate from?

Stay healthy my friends

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