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Why Chiropractic


With so many different health professionals to be found in today’s landscape, why would someone choose to specifically see a chiropractor? Especially, if you’re not suffering from low-back pain or neck pain?


Actually, chiropractic has very little to do with low-back pain or neck pain. It doesn’t mean that chiropractic can’t help those conditions, because it absolutely can. However, chiropractic does a whole lot more for our bodies than just get somebody out of pain.


Chiropractic restores proper communication between the brain and the cells of the body. If there is interference between the brain and the intestines, for example, someone might feel constipated or experience diarrhea. When the interference is removed through a chiropractic adjustment, the body begins to function better and constipation or diarrhea goes away.


Part of the problem is the spine is located in your neck and back. Therefore, people think of chiropractors as “back doctors”. Honestly, if our spines were located in our arms, we would be known as “arm doctors”. The truth is chiropractors are doctors of the Nervous


System. It doesn’t matter what’s happening to the body; pain, headaches, digestive problems, breathing trouble, etc. Once the interference in the nervous system is cleared, the body begins to function better and symptoms improve for the better.


Stay healthy my friends.

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