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The Beginning

The purpose of today’s blog is to give some insight into the thought process behind Hands For Life. The whole idea started with a collective goal amongst chiropractors. We wanted to start an organization that would bring chiropractic care to those who couldn’t otherwise afford it. Since the original idea began, we have added to that vision to include other goals we are set on having come to fruition.


Quality healthcare is difficult to come by in third-world countries. Between lack of clean drinking water and other sanitation issues, the disease spreads easily and profusely through the population. Health care of any kind is extremely important in these communities and unfortunately, sometimes isn’t available. More specifically, there is almost certainly no access to chiropractic care in these poor areas.


As Americans, we are blessed to live in a place full of so much prosperity. However, just a drive away is one of the most distressed communities in the entire world. We couldn’t live with ourselves if we didn’t take some of our abundances and give to those in need.

Hands For Life was formed to help those who need the care the most but just can’t afford the service.

Stay healthy my friends

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