TeleConsult & TeleHealth

With a shift in technology and demand, we are excited and proud to announce that Jubilee Family Chiropractic will now be adding virtual services to honor our practice members' time!  

We realize that health is a priority to so many right now. We want to ensure that our doctors and clinical team are available to help you with accessing your chiropractor wherever you are at. Our expert team is here to help you reduce stress on your body so you can keep your health “in check” and continue to do all the things you do each day!

At Jubilee Family Chiropractic, our team remains dedicated to providing exceptional healthcare to our practice members. These telehealth & consulting sessions are great for New Practice Member initial consultations OR supplementing existing Practice Members' current chiropractic care.

What is TeleHealth & TeleConsult?

Welcome to the future of healthcare. Neither time limitations, nor location should interfere with continuing to receive quality health care. Video consultations allow our providers to begin the initial consultation/evaluation for New Practice Members, reducing the amount of in-office time needed to complete the process. For existing Practice Members, providers can assess the severity of your pain and provide at home pain management recommendations, specific to your symptoms, until you are able to make an in-office visit.

Educating practice members about their health has always been our top priority. Utilizing your computer or smart phone, a video consultation can be set up from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Let us provide you with the tools you need to improve your health.

The Virtual Consultation Could Include:

  • Your Health History for new Practice Members

  • Answer health related questions

  • Provide exercise and stretch recommendations and demonstrations for current Practice Members

Once our doctors have discussed your concern with you, they may order imaging, or other testing and will instruct you on treatment options including self care or advise in office treatment or further evaluation. Both New Practice Members and current ones benefit from completing this portion of their health care from home, then arrive in-office later that day to complete their care process, if needed, saving them time away from a busy home or work life.

Who Uses TeleConsult/Health?

  • Those who don’t have the time to commute

  • Those who have transportation and/or distance limitations.

  • Those who wish to be efficient with their time by consulting with our providers online and completing their process with less in-office time.

  • Those who want to continue progress between visits

  • Those who travel outside of our service area frequently and wish to maintain progress with their care and health.

  • Immune-compromised, at risk populations, and/or those who have sensory considerations.

  • Those who choose to continue physical distancing during common and/or atypical illness seasons (eg: flu season, etc.)

Recommendations When Scheduling

  1. Complete and fill out New Practice Member Paperwork for any new Practice Member

  2. TeleConsult/Health will be discussing your health status and have you performing specific movement patterns. It is best to be at your home or private space during the consult so your personal health information is not shared in a public venue.

  3. It is recommended to use your personal computer. While TeleConsult/Health can be performed on a smartphone, having a hands free set up will make it easier to analyze posture and natural movements.

  4. Please have your device charger on hand or plugged in to prevent visit interruption. Initial consults can take up to 1 hour for new Practice Members

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