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We Live In A Bubble

Our day consists of waking up, eating, going to work, coming back home, going to bed, and doing it all over the next day. When we live in a constant cycle which is the majority of humans, it can become difficult to see outside of ourselves. We get consumed with the daily minutia that fills our lives and has very little concern for what else is going on around us.

Living in America, it’s very easy to fall into this trap with such a huge emphasis put on work, monetary success, and material things. Unfortunately, when we’re stuck in our daily cycle, we don’t have the chance to see what’s going on outside. We often miss the present moment and what the rest of the world is up to.

Living consciously is a principle that we value at Jubilee Family Chiropractic & Hands For Life. It allows us to be in the moment more, and enjoy life. Not just become a slave to the process.

When we serve impoverished communities, our focus is on them, not with our daily tasks and duties. When we get out of our bubble and into the present moment, our lives take on a different meaning. No matter our situation, we still have the opportunity to be in the present moment where there is no worry, fear, or frustration. It simply just is.

As the spring holidays approach, there will be plenty of time to spend with loved ones and family at home or virtually. If we spend our time worrying about the future or past, that time will be wasted. On the contrary, if we stay in the present and refuse to jump into fear and anxiety, we will enjoy life more.

Living in the present moment isn’t always possible; it’s also not easy. However, the more we’re conscious of our situation and what’s going on around us, the better opportunities we will have to be present and happy.

Take the days we are spending at home and practice tapping into the present moment. I promise this will be a worthwhile task for you.

Live Your Most Jubilant Life!

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