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Electricity has been around now for a number of years and has allowed us to power our homes, businesses, and more. Without it, our days would end much sooner and our nights would be much longer. Today, we live in the most connected world there has ever been.

None of this would be possible without electricity. Our bodies run on electricity too. Our brains consume most of it to power the rest of our bodies.

When electrical wires get old they begin to fray.

As they fray they run the chance of arcing.

When that occurs the possibility of a fire happens. This is not much different from the process in your body. Your spinal cord and nerves are just like electrical wires carrying the electrical impulse to and from the different organs. If there is any pressure on the nerves or spinal cord, caused by a subluxation, it’s very similar to frayed wires. Furthermore, if this pressure is not released and corrected, you risk the possibility of a fire or having certain organs shut down where the nerves normally run. This is why chiropractic care is so vital for everyone. It helps maintain the electrical wiring inside your body.

You need an electrician to take care of your wires and make sure nothing will cause a fire.

You need a chiropractor to make sure nothing

in your body is going to cause a fire.

Live Your Most Jubilant Life!

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