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Back Doctors?

Most people think of a chiropractor is a back and neck doctor. Which makes sense, because when you have back pain or neck pain, people typically go see the chiropractor. However, this assumption would be incorrect. Chiropractors are very good at helping with back and neck pain, but it’s not what they specialize in. That’s because chiropractors are doctors of the nervous system.

The nervous system is made up of your brain, spinal cord, and nerves that come out from it. It just so happens the spinal cord and nerves run from your neck down to your tailbone. If your nervous system was housed in your arm, then chiropractors would most likely be thought of as arm doctors, because that’s where they would be focusing most of their attention.

When there is pressure on your nervous system, you can sometimes have neck pain or back pain as a result. But you can also have headaches, ear infections, constipation, or digestive issues too. Your nervous system runs everything in your body. So, most patients who get adjusted notice many more benefits than just pain relief.

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