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Offense or Defense


There was a great talk given by Gary Vee the other day. He brought up a really good point about his mindset which applies very well to life, specifically health.


Gary never played defense growing up. He hated it, despised it. Now, with his business, he also refuses to play defense. Why strain yourself trying to predict what the competition is going to do or how they’re going to react?


Why not just score more and beat them that way? A good example of this is the Golden

State Warriors who consistently outscore their opponents on a nightly basis, while putting only a small amount of effort into defense.


That idea can be transferred to our health as well. It’s the idea of being reactive and on defense about your health, versus being proactive and on offense. Being reactive is you waiting to see what your body does, what disease am I going to get? What problem is going to happen? Instead of approaching it by eating, moving, and thinking as well as you can, all the time. Why waste your life and health on defense? Play offense more and reap the rewards. For the next 30 days try playing offense at top speed and let us know at the end of the month how much better you’re feeling!

Stay healthy my friends.

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