Leg Weakness, Ankle and Knee Pain

 leg weakness ankle pain knee pain

Before coming to Jubilee Family Chiropractic, Duane suffered from multiple knee and ankle issues; from numbness and weakness to just randomly giving out.  Duane had been prescribed a muscle relaxer and 800 mg ibuprofen daily. He was taking these as much as 6 times a day! He also would commonly have severe migraines and dizzy spells.  These issues had been occurring to Duane on and off for 10-14 years. 

After seeing many specialists with no clear answers or result, he started looking for a great chiropractic fit. He said "I was looking for a knowledgeable, skilled, and personable office. I found them here. [at Jubilee]."  Duane was only able to come for care over a few months before being transferred to a new duty station, but here were his amazing results:

A short time after starting care in the office the numbness went away in his legs. The dizzy spells were rare, and when a headache would occur, it was very light. Duane said, "Though I had to move after only a few months, you've improved my life, and I wish I could take your caring practice with me to my new home."

We miss him in the practice dearly but are extremely grateful to serve him in such a meaningful way. His lifestyle and quality of health have been greatly impacted with less pain and medications and more function!

Principled Neurologically Based Chiropractic Care with Torque Release Technique

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