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How Healthy Are You?


Are you a person who thinks health is based on how you feel or how you look?


Maybe, you’re a person who believes health is based on how your body functions.


Or, further still, maybe you feel as though good health equals being able to do all the things you want to do today, tomorrow, and years down the road.


All three of these concepts are common in


America, with the first idea being the most popular.


Truthfully, how you feel or look can play a role in how healthy you are, but ultimately, it’s a very small percentage.


The function is a much more accurate indicator of overall health. Meaning, how well your brain is communicating to the rest of your nervous system and body. Is your heart working as it should? Lungs? You get the idea.


There are hundreds of thousands of stories where people have felt good and looked good, yet been diagnosed with some sort of terrible disease, or even worse, died because their body wasn’t functioning as well as it could.


When our bodies function appropriately, we’re able to perform all tasks asked of us during our daily lives. When the function is not at 100%, we run the risk of not being able to live the life we deserve or imagined for ourselves.


So, how do you ensure you have the proper function?


There are five major requirements for proper function.


The first is eating clean, healthy, organic foods.


Second, make sure you’re getting proper

movement, or daily exercise.


Third, keep your negative emotions in check and deliberately focus on positive emotions and feelings.


Fourth, ensure you’re getting proper rest and recuperation. Since rest is the only time our bodies have to repair, it’s crucial we’re allowing for this time.


Lastly, keep your nervous system free and clear from any interference that occurs during/after stress. You can make sure this happens by having routine chiropractic care.


This is a blueprint to ensure your health is at the highest level. Following the requirements laid out will give you the potential to do whatever your heart desires in your life.


Stay healthy friends.

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