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Harvard Study

As chiropractors, we see miracles happen every day. We don’t need validation for what we do.


However, sometimes the public needs a little more help to be brought up to speed.


So, it helps when research comes out supporting the importance of the adjustment in keeping people well. This was recently done by researchers at Harvard.


The topic of the article was migraines and what causes them. According to the article, the number one reason for migraines is a misalignment of the top bones in the neck.


These bones happen to be the most important bones in the entire spine because the brain stem sits where they are located. If there is any misalignment in that region, there’s a vast amount of symptoms that can result due to pressure at the base of the brain.


One of these symptoms is, as mentioned before, a migraine.


The other two causes of migraines aren’t specifically misaligned vertebrae. However, they both have to do with the vertebrae altering vasculature in the brain, which eventually leads to a debilitating migraine.


This happens because the misaligned vertebrae put pressure on the blood flow to the brain, thus causing a chain reaction by the vasculature to try and restore the movement of blood back to normal.


At the same time, this can cause intense pressure in the head and set off a migraine.


Misaligned bones don’t always cause migraines, but they definitely can. If a problem like this goes undetected for long periods of time, then the symptoms will tend to get worse and also multiply.


The purpose of the work we do with the less fortunate communities is to help the people not have to live their lives any longer with these types of problems.


More and more medications are not the answer. The answer lies in correcting the true cause of the problem and restoring proper function to the body.


Stay healthy friends.

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