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Jubilee Family Chiropractic's

Hands For Life - Forest Lakes


Our Mission Is To Help Whole Families Heal

The Hands For Life Mission is to create a natural avenue for the under-served, financially hard-shipped population throughout the world to regain their health through:

Creating an efficiently running nervous system through Chiropractic care

The opportunity to have an education so that each person can reach their God
given potential and create a healthier world tomorrow.

Every Donation

helps provide affordable health care to someone in need.

Our mission is to help whole families heal.

Being committed to creating a healthier world takes on many faces. Our work is about empowering individuals to live their lives to their “God-given” potential. To do this, we understand the obstacles that are in their way. By creating an environment for natural healthcare, we provide lifelines for those in need to step back into the world and become the person they were meant to be.



I was grateful for the generosity of others. It allowed me to get the chiropractic care I needed to get me off Disability and provide for myself again.


Our family is LARGE and any type of care we needed was simply unaffordable for all of us. This program is a lifesaver. My whole family is living their best life at a way more affordable cost.


Living off a fixed income is very limiting. Chiropractic care was always out of my grasp until it wasn't. I am truly thankful for this program for helping me live a healthier life.

Empowering Natural Health Care

To break the cycle of sickness and disease, it is imperative that true “health” care is promoted. When learning to take care of our bodies, we must always focus on the important issues…a healthy nervous system, exercise, diet, stress, and a positive attitude. Hands For Life is dedicated to teaching the true fundamentals of health and helping people reach their full health potential by having a highly functioning Nervous System. Through the detection and correction of Vertebral Subluxations, the body’s own Innate healing power will be functioning to create a balance within the body. Once our bodies are back in balance, we can reap the benefits of healthy nutrition, exercise and other factors of health. Hands For Life will deliver the highest caliber Chiropractic Care, allowing for the greatest degree of success when it comes to the body healing itself.


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