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Easter Events

Easter is near and we have a few events we would love for you to join in on like the Jubilee Easter Bag Stuffing Party and the Mason's Toy Box Foundation Easter Bunny Visit!
Egg Hunter
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Colorful Eggs in Basket

Easter Bag Stuffing Party

FRIDAY, APRIL 2, 2021 AT 3:30-5:30PM

Pier 1 at The Shops at Stonefield 

Are you looking for a fun activity to give back to your community? The Easter Bunny needs assistance stuffing all the goodies into the bags. Join the Jubilee Team for a good time as we fill up baggies for the Mason's Toy Box Foundation Easter Bunny Visit at The Shops at Stonefield. This can be a great family activity and we will have some goodies for you.

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Egg Hunting

Mason's Toy Box Foundation Easter Bunny "Egglobe" Visit

SATURDAY, APRIL 3, 2021 AT 12 PM – 5 PM

The Shops at Stonefield 

Mason's Toy Box Foundation elves have been hard at work transforming our Santa Globe into a colorful and vibrant Easter Egg so your children can safely visit the Easter Bunny this year. The snow globe will be decorated as a colorful Easter egg with the Easter Bunny inside, sharing animated interactions with your children and posing for photos with your family. Visits will be by appointment only, so reserve yours now! The Egglobe Easter Bunny experience will be held outdoors, we will have a trackless train to take the children around the shopping center for an "eye spy" golden egg hunt. Lots of prizes for all. A Covid conscious outdoor charitable fundraiser.


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