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At What Point Do You Go From Healthy to Unhealthy?

A healthy person has nothing but hopes and dreams to think about. A person who is sick and unhealthy has only one wish or dream.


To be healthy again.


When most people who are sick think about losing their health, they usually think back to the moment when they found out they weren’t healthy. Typically, when their doctor informed them of the results.


Unfortunately, our health never changes in an instant. Truthfully, the process of going from healthy to sick takes months and even years.


In fact, the first moment someone notices a sign or symptom that they aren’t feeling “normal”, that was not the moment they became unhealthy, or sick.


Symptoms can take months or years as well before they show up. Underneath the surface, the physiology was changing for a long-time beforehand.


What can we do with this information?


Well, the first thing would be to begin addressing our health now. Waiting till we ‘feel sick’ is not enough. As I mentioned above, if we wait that long, it’s already too late. Our body doesn’t move into a state of disease or sickness overnight.


If we start to implement healthy strategies into our daily experience, our bodies will reap the benefits.


These actions we take to improve our health do not need to be drastic. In fact, I highly recommend not to do a complete overhaul.


Break this challenge off into bite-size pieces.


Start by making a 5% change in your daily habits. Maybe you decide to have a healthier breakfast by making a green smoothie when you get up in the morning time.


Or, maybe you decide you’re going to go for an evening walk every night for 30- minutes.


These simple steps you take will pay huge dividends down the road. Similar to a person sailing from Europe to New York using only a compass for navigation equipment…if they stray just 5 degrees off course, over the entire journey, instead of ending in New York, they may end up in Florida or Canada.


This analogy also applies to our health. Small steps will make a huge difference 5-years down the road. Decide what you want for yourself and begin changing your life accordingly.


Stay healthy friends.

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