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Asthma, Allergies, & Immune System

Monica & Kyle

Asthma, allergies and immune system

My son, Kyle (now 14), suffered from a plethora of allergies, asthma, and sinus issues. He was on a lot of strong medications on a regular basis. He took Singular, Claritin, Astellin, Nasalcrom, Nasonex, Abuterol, Advair, and even regular allergy shots! I always felt guilty over the amount of medications continually being put into his body but didn’t know there was any other way for him to be healthy.

Relying on pills was no way for a child to live! However, after being under consistent chiropractic care, his overall health had greatly changed! After a year of being under Dr. Lisa’s care, I took Kyle back to the allergist for full diagnostic testing. His results were all negative! No signs of allergies!! It was such a surprise that they even applied histamine to check that the test was valid. Now, he no longer takes any of those previously mentioned medications!

For myself when I started with Dr. Lisa and Jubilee Family Chiropractic, I knew absolutely nothing about chiropractic care. Now, I find myself in awe of the heightened quality of life that it has provided for my family and me. Not to mention the huge amounts of money I have saved! I never get sick anymore, and I even work in a school where sickness and germs are rampant! I always recommend Dr. Lisa and chiropractic care to people I see suffering. It is just the best option, most natural route for health!

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