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Are You Immune?


When you’re young, you think nothing could ever happen to you, right?


It’s as if bad things only happen to other people, not to you.


Then as you age things start occurring. Maybe a parent or loved one dies. Pretty soon you face the harsh reality that life isn’t always pretty.


And more importantly, you are not immune to bad things happening in your life.


Most people approach their health this same way. They assume that eating and living the lifestyle they do will never catch up with them.


Until it does.


Once it catches up, it’s oftentimes very hard to return to previous norms. Sometimes, the burden that has been placed on the body is simply insurmountable.


Most every chronic disease in our country today: diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc. is a lifestyle disease. Meaning, the disease occurs because of the daily choices we’re making in our lives.


So, we find ourselves fighting an uphill battle that never needed to happen if we took care of ourselves.


The next question asked is typical, “How do I take care of myself?”


There are 5 key requirements to ensure the body functions in an optimal way.


1) Eating a diet consisting of clean, organic foods.

2) Proper exercise and movement daily

3) Positive mental and emotional outlook

4) 7-8 hours of quality sleep each night

5) A healthy functioning nervous system


If we are missing any of these elements, then we are vulnerable to disease and health problems.


By continually making sure we are getting the 5 requirements in our life, we can have the feeling of invincibility, for good reason.

Instead of leaving your health and life to chance, take steps today and every day to ensure a better future for yourself and your family.


Stay healthy friends.

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