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Hiring: Patient Success Coach

Hopefully, you are the vivacious and compassionate Patient Success Coach we have been looking for! Let’s talk about your childhood. Were you the type of kid who could make others feel welcome and seen without letting others push you around? Did you stand your ground on your beliefs and know how to get your way while still being loving and respectful to others? Did you serve, care for, and lead those around you, yet never forgetting the “Side of Sassy”.

First of all: Well done! Being sassy without being a jerk is an important skill. 

Second of all:  Your ability to balance leadership, fun, and still get things done is just what we need!

About Us

Jubilee Family Chiropractic a corrective chiropractic office that specializes in scoliosis and degeneration changes for our patients. We are really good at leading our patients through corrective changes in their spines that lead to HUGE changes in their health! Occasionally, we are challenged to overcome “crusty chiropractic stereotypes”. So, to help our patients succeed in their goals, we must lovingly lead them well and not be afraid to answer questions from our skeptics. 

We currently serve between 100-110 patients from ages 6-80 years old, celebrate health milestones and corrective changes on their xrays, accept referrals from pediatricians, orthopedist, and neurologist who have come to trust our results, and love on them by remembering birthdays/anniversaries/family members. 

Want to join our quest to affect health in our community?


This is the job you were born to do.

About the Role

As our team’s first “Patient Success Coach”, you will be streamlining our process for patient welcome, accountability, and celebration. You’ll be in charge of revising the current systems and procedures of tracking, evaluating, and rewarding patients and weaving further excellence in how we help achieve their corrective goals. You will support processing new patients, re-evaluations, and creating goals for our patients to achieve. You’ll teach lifestyle change, direct patients through various “homework” pieces, and empower them to take personal responsibility in their health journey. You’ll be innovating with the team on how to best serve patients and create an award winning patient experience.

You’ll be a crucial member of the team in helping to serve patient needs as we continue to grow. Showing love to patients with hugs, gifts, thoughtful texts/handwritten notes (we LOVE this one) is a consistent MUST. Leadership and service are integral through teaching/showing, loving accountability, and even holding babies! Organization through task reminders so we never drop the ball (or babies) on a patient's needs all occur daily.

We are a small, family-like business. We’re intentional with our resources. Building referral relationships and relying on the whole team’s creative gift/talents is an expectation that all team members participate with. We work hard together, learn together, brainstorm together, implement together, and play together. As a team, we attend 1-2 weekend conferences annually, have annual vision casting meetings, attain goals and enjoy rewards together (team spa day, dinner out, waterparks, etc).

Needed to Succeed

(Requirements): A heart to help others get well, and desire to celebrate amazing changes in their health. 


A minimum of 10 years (cumulative is probably OK) experience in Service, Management, Training and/or Healthy Confrontation based positions 

Experience with Systems and Procedures creation (while we currently have them, we are looking to better define and refine)

A passion for expanding your own personal, spiritual, and financial health

Ability to thrive in a fast paced office (being bored is not OK with you)

Compassion and empathy for others (your heart breaks when you see people sick and suffering)

Excellent attention to detail and super organized

Well-established levels of personal responsibility and intentional focus

Creative playfulness that can be channeled into fun ways to work and serve

An objectively great personality

Joy at getting things done (you like to check things off your list)

Ability to work well with others and alone (keeping yourself on task)

Desire to continually grow and create in your position

A high level of awareness

Ability to identify opportunities to introduce other people, doctors, and community members to corrective care

(Nice to Haves): 

A love of Disney music (On Wednesdays we listen to Disney.)

Ability to reach a tall shelfs or a good relationship with step stools

Job Perks

Hourly Pay with PTO accrual

Monthly bonuses

Flexible Vacation time/Holiday pay

Full Time but flexibility around personal/family needs

Profit sharing after 2 years

Health Club benefits w/company stipend

3% company match for investing

Company paid conferences/training

Consistent chiropractic care for you and your family (spouse/children)

Goal/Reward team experiences

Truly Awesome team of people who genuinely like each other. 

We are continuing to grow and serve our patients and each other in new ways; there is never a dull day in the office.

Expected Annual Earnings: 

First year: Between $37,440 - $44,720  

Second year: $41,220 - $54,920

3+ years: Profit Sharing bonuses begin

How to Apply

Send a 30-second video explaining/showing why we would be CRAZY not to hire you. Tell us something your resume can't! Please send this along with your resume to teamjubileefamily@ using the subject line "Pick Me"

Within 24 business hours, we will confirm that we’ve received your email so you aren’t left wondering if it made it!


**The email above is the best and ONLY way to apply. Please do not come by the office during our office hours as we focus 100% on patient service during this time. **

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